2019 TVS Ntorq125, India 1st smartest scooter, price in India starts at Rs 59,690: Mileage, Price, Engine and many more…

2019 TVS Ntorq125, A Flagship, Modern equipped and more likely aerodynamically approved scooter.

2019 TVS Ntorq125Due to the increasing demand for day-to-day premium scooters in India, now TVS Motor Company has also launched its flagship premium scooter 2019 TVS Ntorq125 in India. The price and design of which has made it very attractive by looking at the Indian market, and in scooters, you get many such features which are very special, whose information is kept down…

2019 TVS Ntorq125

2019 TVS Ntorq125, A Flagship, Modern equipped and more likely aerodynamically approved scooter.

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Design

What’s new

Talking about the design, the scooter looks quite modern, the main reason is the front aerodynamic design which is available in this scooter from all scooters of this segment, whose headlight and taillight have been made quite muscular so that its ability to separate from the crowd.

  • It has a modern alloy wheel in it as well as strong in strength.

Its seating posture is enclosed in the front to make it comfortable enough so that in the highway riding this scooter can give you a good performance.2019 TVS Ntorq125

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Performance

With the appearance of Modern, the scooter is also more in ground clearance. Which means that you can also use it to get rid of a high breaker or for some off-roading.

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Features

Talking about the features, scooters have many features like

  • mobile charging,
  • Top speed recorder,
  • 22-liter storage space,
  • In-built lap timer,
  • tubeless tire,
  • front disc brake,
  • telescopic fork,
  • DRL,
  • and app assistant, which you can use through Bluetooth connectivity You can experiment.

2019 TVS Ntorq125

India’s 1st Connected Scooter

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Engine

Speaking of the engine, you get the new CVTI Revv 124.79 cc single cylinder, 4-strokes, 3 valves, air-cooled, SOHC petrol engine in the scooter. Which will deliver a maximum ton of 10.5 newtons with the maximum power of 9.3 bhp. Its performance can be estimated from the fact that this scooter easily captures the top speed of 95 kmph

  • Not only this, it is one of the most modern and most powerful scooters in all scooters of TVS, which is specially designed for the youth.

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Mileage

If the matter is happening, then tell the mileage that TVS Ntorq 125 scooter is able to give you 45kmpl to 50 kmpl of mileage on condition. On which you can travel 200 to 250 kilometers on the full fuel tank once.

2019 TVS Ntorq125: Price

It is now the price of 2019 TVS Ntorq125 which TVS Motors has launched on the Indian market at a price of Rs 59,690.

  • This scooter has a 6 colors options

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